Lamborghini Huracan - lp580 & lp610
5.2l V10 coupe & Spyder
(2014 +)

A unique design compromising of a CAD designed and caculated X-pipe, silencers and vacuum valve system.


The exhaust gasses leave the V10 stock headers into the BRE X-pipe , which balances exhaust gasses and dramatically enhances the tone of the V10 engine. With the valves closed, exhaust gasses are then directed into the small top mounted silencers for reduced volume when driving in low load conditions. When the valves are open the exhaust gasses bypass the silencers and a straight through exhaust system is achieved. 

The vacuum valves are controlled using the stock Lamborghini system.

Under low load exhaust valves are closed (quiet mode), under high load driving conditions the valves will be open (race mode).